One – on – One

We offer private lessons with just you and our resident trainer. This is a great option if you have a demanding schedule, or to help improve specific behavior concerns. We create the perfect environment to help build your relationship with your dog, and you’ll learn ways to effectively communicate with them. Each session is custom tailored to fit you and your dog’s personal needs. The lessons run approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour, and packages are offered for four one-hour sessions at a discounted rate.

Play & Train


An amazing option to help improve upon behaviors while your dog is playing here at doggy daycare. They can help with jumping, nipping, and so much more! Even teach your dog fun new tricks to show off to your friends and family! Our trainer will work individually with your dog in a 30-minute session, and afterwards they go back to having fun in daycare.

Stay & Train:


Our trainer will work with your dog while they are enjoying their stay here at our luxury boarding facility. The trainer will give your dog individual attention, all while teaching them good behaviors you can use at home. They can even teach your dog exiting new tricks!