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Puppy Kindergarten

This class is designed to start your new family member off right, in a fun, safe, social environment! We help create a good foundation of basic manners, and teach cues to help you and your puppy learn how to communicate. You’ll learn things such as Leash Walking, Sit, Down, Leave It, Wait at the Door, and Polite Greeting. We even help curve unwanted behaviors, such as puppy biting and jumping, through our proven positive reinforcement techniques!

This class if for puppies under 5 months old.


A perfect class for those just starting out, dog and owner alike! In this class you’ll learn important basic cues that will help provide the foundation of manners. These cues, like Leave It, Sit, Down, Leash Walking, Greeting, and Wait at the Door, are the perfect way to kick things off with your dog’s training! Through this class your dog will learn how to focus on you, and you’ll how to effectively communicate with your dog by using positive reinforcement.

This class is for dogs over 5 months old.


This mid-level class is the next step in your dog’s training! We kick things up a notch with the cues from our first class by added distractions and distance. You’ll learn more complex cues, such as Heel and Stay, and every week we work to build upon existing cues. This class is the perfect way to start challenging you and your dog more in a fun, positive, environment!


The final step in our training program! We start things off with fading the need of lures, and we teach how to get strong, consistent, cue responses with your dog. In this class you’ll learn cues, such as Return to Heel and Place, that will create exiting new challenges for you and your dog. This class is designed to mirror real-world distractions for your dog, and you’ll learn how to successfully navigate them.